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Summary in English

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This is OpenStreetMap Estonian community portal, maintained by a Estonian NGO called MTÜ Avatud Maakaardi Selts (literally Open Map Society, or Open Society of Map). Hopefully we'll be one day also formal Local Chapter of OpenStreetMap community.

Our aims and activities include:

  • Community building
  • Create and maintain local technical infrastructure, i.e. Estonian language mapping service with some local-specific services, like overlays which are not in OSM database, address search which uses local official address database etc.
  • Mapping parties in Estonian cities and regions
  • Help local people to contribute and make use of OSM by providing localized information pages: mostly in this portal, also translated OSM Wiki pages and JOSM
  • Promote OSM and find new contributors and users
  • Do more complex technical tasks, e.g. bulk imports. Have imported Corine Land Cover, some city government contributions.
  • Promote and contribute open source GIS software

We have got some funding (about 30.000 EUR) for our first project, mostly for technical infrastructure building from the Estonian state (by KÜSK), the project timeline is Q2/2010-Q1/2011.

If you are interested in cooperation or experience exchange, contact us at

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